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The Snow Prank Redemption
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Little Furry Animals: The Snow Prank Redemption

It's Christmas time, and it's night. Greenwild is covered in soft snow, and Bunney Conesy, Hedgie Hedgehogge and Sciur Squirrel are on a trip to visit Hedgie's grandmother. Beside the path they find an unconscious Santa Claus, and it's time to search for Sopirean root for the potion which should wake the chap up.

Thus begins Bunney Conesy's windy adventure that doesn't lack gnomes, reindeers, presents or surprising twists.

Furry little animals: The Snow Prank Redemption (now known as Greenwild Episodes: The Snow Prank Redemption)is a warm and cute, Christmas-themed oldschool adventure game, based on exploring the surroundings.

For all ages.

Note! There's a language option, you can choose between Finnish and English! Can be changed mid-game by pressing 'e'. (does not work during the intro or the ending sequence.)

And the game, either as torrent or via http. (Size: 93MB)

If you don't know which one you should choose, choose http. (torrent currently unavailable)

DOWNLOAD: The Snow Prank Redemption // Viimainen lahjaretki (http)
DOWNLOAD: The Snow Prank Redemption // Viimainen lahjaretki (torrent)

Last minute addendum! 8 years after the release a new playtester asked for a tutorial. So here's the short version: at the upper edge of the screen there's an inventory and icons with paw, eye and mouth symbols. With paw you can handle stuff (take, use, etc.), with mouth you can talk and taste and such, with eye you can look at and Bunney will tell more about things. Right click clears the active selection, whether it's a verb or an item. Esc key opens a menu to save, load and quit game. You can change the language with "e" key. In the Next Wind mode "c" key turns commentary on and off.

Images and video

I don't know why, but the video won't play in firefox when using flash player, not even straight on youtube. HTML5 player or other browsers should work ok.


Unfortunately we have to state that there's at least two very serious issues in the game, which the developers cannot fix because the game has been made with the AGAST scripting language.

  1. Saving a game, or to be exact loading a game, does not work on every occasion or on all systems. It may crash the game instantly, or on the next scene change.

    In addition, if some of the objects are visible after a succesful load procedure, leaving and re-entering the scene should fix the problem.

  2. The game will crash occasionally on the scene change.

In addition, on my current system the game is stuck on a black screen on startup. Intel i5, Geforce GTX 660, Windows 7, 12 gigs of ram. On the other hand, the game works on my second computer running Vista, and works just fine on other dev's Windows 7 system. So I'm not even trying to understand.

Just so you know there could be problems, and there's nothing we can do. Sorry about that.


You do know that the English of the game is a little quirky and that there's loads of typos especially in the intro?

Yeah. Sorry about that.

So you just had to make a pixel hunt puzzle? Won't somebody think of the gamers?!

We hate pixel hunt. In our opinion the NPC's give enough hints, and the pixel area is not even that small. We're sorry but won't apologize.

You keep saying that the Hedgegranny's glow wine is spiked. What kind of game is this? You say this is suitable for all ages. Won't somebody think of the children?!

Even though the three companions are a bit juvenile, they are not kids. We wish children would play with their parents. Or that parents would play with their children. And not just this game. If such strange things as this spiked glow wine raise questions, you should talk about them with your child. Such things should be talked about with your children anyway. Just to make the world less strange and frightening.

Who is responsible? Who can I contact?

Lauri Puiseva (that's me, responsible for writing, scripting and some graphics), Mikko Nylander (responsible for graphics) and Peetu Sainio (music and sounds). You can send feedback to my gmail-address which is in firstname.lastname form. The other two can't be contacted.

The game was actually kinda ok-ish, are there any more of these coming?

Yup, more will come, at some point. Episode two, in which you would have played as Hedgie at the next christmas, was put on hold indefinitely. Hard drive crash and no backups, you know. Nothing is ever cancelled. Next in line will be a Greenwild-adventure that's not related to christmas or the trio, Nevermore. When it's done. We're not promising even thursday.

Stuck? Hints

I can't get out of Hedgegranny's cottage.

I can't get the present from the snow fort.

Snow fort present cont'd. I can't find the item needed.

Snow fort present cont'd. Still can't find it.

I can't get the present on top of the snowman.

Snowman present cont'd. What do I do with it?

Snowman present cont'd. With what?

Snowman present cont'd. I need more help.

I can't get the present at the overlook.

Overlook present cont'd. I don't know how to get them.

I can't get the present at the overlook. I have what is needed but I don't know what to do.

How do I get the sopirean root?

I finished the game and tried the Next Wind mode. The game was the same as the first time. How do I unlock the alternative ending?

Next Wind cont'd. It's getting cold and I don't know what to do.

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