(proper noun, plural Puisevas)

1. (Finnish) an islet of trees in the middle of a field


I know I know I know, a wall of text on the very landing page. But worry not, you’re here for a reason: you’re here because you got a link and some kind of forewarning, and it probably wasn’t on Google. So if you already know who I think I am, hop on to any of the portfolio pages to continue your journey. If not, it’s like 500 words or something below, a two minute read, even less if you don’t read Finnish.

Terve, my name is Lauri Puiseva. I’m a gamer, storyteller, writer, game developer and engineer of media technology. These pages showcase what I can do and what I have done so far. So take a gander and we’ll see where we go from there. Or where I’ll go from there.

Or where I don’t.

Puiseva is a cure for many an ailment.

Writing, in English or in Finnish. Narrative design. Game design. Video games. Scripting. Visuals. 2D. 3D. Video. I can do it all. And the things that I can’t do I can always learn if necessary. I don’t compose music, but I’m not unfamiliar with editing music and soundtracks. I can voice-act if needed, though maybe I shouldn’t, and even if I do manage that better in Finnish, maybe I shouldn’t do that either. I can do any of these to save my life, but with words I can save everyone.

This paragraph exists to balance the part below the previous subheading. Everything looks much nicer that way. It shows that I have an eye for visuals and also makes you shake your head if you’ve read this far. So in a way it’s kind of a visual gag and a personal trainer all in one. That’s called comedy, a thing people used to be into before the world turned dreary and people grew mean. I don't know much about comedy but I know what I like. And that's stories. It doesn't even matter that much which medium they come in, although interactive narratives are closest to my heart.

Puiseva on sillä tavalla viekas, että this part is in Finnish.

Oikeastaan halusin aikanaan piirtää kuvitukseen ketunhännän, eikä tämä viekasteluosuus oikein käänny englanniksi. Se ei tarkoita, etteikö olisi rehellisin aikein liikkeellä. Varsinkin kun on tarkoitus kertoa, että teksti sujuu myös suomeksi. Kun ketunhäntä pilkistää laatikon takaa eikä kainalosta, voi oma vehnä ojassa ja kirkkain silmin leikkiä merkityksillä.

Sillä merkityksillä on kovin kiva leikkiä. Sanat ovat savea, joka muovautuu hyvin vekkuleilla tavoilla, jos vain osaa katsoa. Tarinassa kettu piilotti häntänsä valkoisen kärjen, ettei kieroilijaa tunnistettaisi. Laatikon takaa taas ei juuri muuta näy kuin valkea kärki. Tämä kettu kertoo ylpeänä mikä on, tietäessään, että viekas voi kieron ja kavalan sijaan tarkoittaa myös nokkelaa ja hoksaavaista.

Puiseva is the reason to remember the name.

And that shouldn’t be difficult at all.